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Coffee Honey
  • Coffee Honey

    Coffee Honey is harvested from Coffee Blossoms grown in the Northern part of Thailand. This honey hues from light amber to amber with a distinct scent and a taste of coffee. Highly recommended to add this honey into your coffee or any other drink.


    Directions :

    - Take 1 teaspoon of honey straight from the bottle daily.

    - Spread on bread, add to tea, coffee and other beverages.

    - Use it in cooking or add to your dessert for delicate flavor.


    Benefits of honey from Coffee : 

    - Good source of antioxidants and energy booster.

    - Works as natural antiseptic has antibacterial properties.

    - Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders.

    - Slows aging process and benefits your skin.

    - Helps to prevent high blood sugar levels.


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