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Royal Jelly Capsule

Royal Jelly Capsule

Royal Jelly Capsule is obtained from fresh royal jelly through a freeze-drying process until it turns into powder. This helps to extend the shelf life for a longer time with complete nutritional value intact. One capsule is equivalent to 450 mg of fresh royal jelly. It has many antioxidant health benefits, helps in slowing down aging, and highly boosts immunity.



- Take 1-2 capsules each time before breakfast / before bedtime regularly.


Health benefits of royal jelly capsules:

- Helps in sleeping cycle, relieve stress and fatigue.

- Slows the aging process and benefits your skin.

- Optimize brain function and enhances memory.

- Balance male and female sex hormones to balance the immune system.

- Repair the worn parts of the body. Suitable for patients in their recovery period.

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