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HONEY: Real vs. Fake?


Pure honey is a natural superfood with numerous health benefits, but do you know how to differentiate it from fake honey? Not only does pure honey offer a wide range of nutritional benefits, but it's also a natural beauty product that's highly sought after and readily available. This is why many people refer to honey as "nature's gift" and why it tends to be more expensive compared to regular sugar.

However, how can you be sure that the honey you're buying is genuine and not fake? Since there are no official standards for honey quality, most consumers, like us, choose honey based on its color, aroma, or taste according to their preferences.


To maximize the benefits of pure honey and gain confidence in your honey-buying choices, Fora Bee, a trusted supplier of pure honey in Chiang Mai, wants to share five simple ways to determine whether your honey is 100% genuine or fake.

  1. Observe the Color: One common method people use to identify pure honey is by its color. Many believe that darker honey is sweeter than lighter varieties. However, the truth is that the color of honey varies depending on the type of plants the bees collect nectar from. Honey is, in fact, a reflection of nature's diversity.

  2. The Shake Test: This is a popular method to test honey bought in bottles. Simply grab the bottle tightly and shake it vigorously several times. If you notice that the honey remains thick and doesn't create large air bubbles, you likely have real honey. Conversely, if the honey forms small bubbles and separates into distinct layers, it's probably a mix of honey and syrup – a common sign of fake honey.

  3. The Paper Test: Another easy way to check for real honey is by using a paper test. Place a drop of honey on a piece of blotting paper or parchment paper. If the honey stays on the surface without soaking into the paper, it's pure honey. In contrast, fake honey or honey with added syrup will quickly absorb into the paper.

  4. Smell and Taste Test: Open the jar and smell the honey. Pure honey has a distinct, sweet aroma with floral and fruity notes, along with a clear honeycomb scent. It's quite different from fake honey, which often lacks a noticeable aroma. To further confirm, taste a small amount. Real honey will provide an immediate burst of energy and freshness due to its natural sugars, glucose, and fructose.

  5. Analytical Certification: For absolute certainty, you can request an analytical certificate from the honey producer, such as Fora Bee. This certificate confirms the quality of the honey, as it has undergone rigorous quality testing by reliable organizations. It's an extra layer of assurance that you're getting pure, unadulterated honey.

ทดสอบนํ้าผึ้งแท้ forabee นํ้าผึ้ง สรรพคุณ

In conclusion, knowing how to identify genuine honey from fake honey is crucial for making informed choices about the honey you consume. By following these five simple methods, you can enjoy the full range of benefits that pure honey offers. Remember that authentic honey is free from adulterants like added sugar or syrups and is an all-natural gift to your health.

So, the next time you're shopping for honey, choose a globally recognized brand like Fora Bee, which provides certified pure honey from Chiang Mai. Enjoy the goodness of genuine honey, and enhance your well-being with confidence.


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