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Honey Comb

Honey Comb

Honeycomb is honey that comes in its most natural form. It has never been touched or extracted, this product is truly raw and delicious with its naturally sweet taste straight from the beehive.


Directions :

- Take 1 teaspoon of honey comb.

- You can chew and consume this natural honey comb raw.

- Use it as a topping for your drinks, desserts or ice-cream.


Benefits of honey comb : 

- Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins & minerals.

- Antioxidants that help slow down the deterioration of the body.

- Relieves exhaustion, and helps to feel refreshed.

- Helps in the restoration and improvement of various systems of the body.


Storage / Advice :

- Store in a dry place at room temperature.

- Should NOT be consumed by infants under the age of 1.

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