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Honey With Mango
  • Honey With Mango

    Honey With Mango is a product made from a blend of honey from the wildflowers and a Thai species of mango known as Mahachanok. The taste is sweet and sour. There are various health benefits in enhancing immunity, curing thirst, and an efficient excretory system.



    Directions :

    - Take 1-2 teaspoons of honey straight from the bottle daily.

    - Mix with ice and water. Drink twice a day or as often as needed.


    Benefits of honey with mango : 

    - Contains Vitamin A to help maintain excellent eyesight.

    - Antioxidants that help improve and strengthen the immune system.

    - An important source of energy to relieve fatigue.

    - Helps refreshes the body and relieves thrist.

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