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Honey With Passion Fruit
  • Honey With Passion Fruit

    Honey With Passion Fruit is a product obtained by combining honey from Longan Flowers and fresh Passion Fruit juice. Sweet and sour taste that is beneficial for eye health, skin nourishment and contains various antioxidants.


    Directions :

    - Take 1-2 teaspoons of honey straight from the bottle daily.

    - Mix with ice and water. Drink regularly twice daily or as much as needed to quench your thirst


    Benefits of honey with passion fruit : 

    - An important source of energy to relieve fatigue.

    - Antioxidants to strengthen the body's immune system.

    - Helps during thirst, moisten the throat and adds freshness to the body.

    - High in Vitamins A & C which help in improving eyesight and nourishes the skin.

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