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Royal Cordyceps Capsule

Royal Cordyceps Capsule

Royal Cordyceps Capsule is made of grounded authentic herbs which aid in the maintenance of general wellbeing. This cordyceps militaris, specially grown by the queen bee larva, contains a high bioactive compound called “Cordycepin” which is well known for its anti-cancer benefits. It also helps in managing healthy cholesterol levels and can be used as a powerful supplement for heart, lungs and kidneys. In addition to this, we mix it with royal jelly powder and goji berry powder making this capsule beneficial for your brain and your eyesight too.



- Take 1-2 capsules each time before breakfast / before bedtime regularly.


Health benefits of royal jelly capsules:

- Enhance oxygen utilization and blood circulation system.

- Helps improve kidneys and liver function.

- Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level.

- Improves the immune system and contains anti-aging properties.

- Beneficial for the brain and eyesight.

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