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Tea Bee Pollen
  • Tea Bee Pollen

    Tea pollen is a product of the stamens of the tea flowers that come from the legs of bees. The protein content is 5 times higher than meat, milk, and eggs, with a light brown appearance. It has a sweet, oily taste and a mesmerizing tea aroma. It is beneficial for the immune system. Helps repair the worn parts of the body.



    - Take 1 tablespoon at a time. 

    - Mix with warm water, coffee, tea, or milk.


    Benefits of mimosa pollen:

    - Relieves stress and migraines

    - High in antioxidants, improves the immune system. Maintains healthy hair and nails.

    - Alleviate allergy symptoms and respiratory diseases.

    - An important source of energy. Suitable for people who want to use a lot of energy.

    - Repair the worn parts of the body. Suitable for patients in their recovery period.

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